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"I love hair. I love talking about it, watching it move, listening to it's unique way of being and considering not only how I'm transforming it in the moment, but also how it will grow and change. It's been a lifetime inquiry starting when I was 11 years old. Being a hair artist professionally for the past 18 years, I've honed my skills and have developed a unique approach to working with hair. Inside-Out Hair Design. Working literally and figuratively from the inside (soul/spirit) to the outside expression of the hair design and also literally from the scalp to the tips of the hair, paying attention to how the hair radiates out, how it dances around the head, how it supports the person. It's a process that takes in account the whole person."

Crystal Mays


Unleashing Your Unique Expression

What I Have to Offer

Hair Art


Bringing the magic of salon service into the privacy of your home. Detailed consultation to fully flush out your vision, an opportunity to set intentions and release what's ready to go. With an artistic eye, a unique style is created that allows your natural beauty to shine forth.

Ceremonial Haircut


This service gives you an opportunity to engage the transformative process of getting your hair cut into a sacred action where we co-create the session. There are options to do the session in a special place in nature, create an altar, set intentions, and do some ritual around marking this time in your life.



Sitting in Crystal's styling chair is saying yes to so much more than a mere haircut. She brings all her empathic, intuitive and hands on creative/artistic gifts on line, showing up for each client exactly where they are and assisting them to shift seamlessly into the next higher expression of themselves. Every session I've had with her, for nearly a decade now, has been magical and transformative. And my hair has never been happier.

Kerry Anne

A session with Crystal Mays isn’t just a haircut, it is a full-on experience. I will never forget my first session with her and how taken care of I felt. I knew I was in good hands and could tell she is a sorceress in so many ways! Crystal cuts to the point, in more ways than one. She is a master at navigating energetics and such an incredible space holder. I always feel in the presence of something holy whenever working with Crystal.If you are looking for someone who can lovingly help you get rid of what you no longer need and simultaneously welcome in whatever you do with spunky, often hilarious grace, get your ass on Crystal’s calendar ASAP!!

Kaitlin June


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